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windshield repair for AutoTrek Auto Club members
Windshield Cracks and Chips – Don’t procrastinate

When you have any pre-existing windshield cracks or dings, time is of the essence when it comes to replacement. If you keep putting it off, Winter will make you regret it! Glass expands and contracts in the brutal winter months and there’s a good chance harsh wintertime conditions will exacerbate any existing damage you already have.

Any crack that is at or very near the windshield’s edge, or any chip at or near the edge that has caused the windshield to start cracking, compromises the strength and integrity of the windshield and its bonding to the surrounding metal frame. This jeopardizes the driver and passenger’s safety. Any small crack or chip will grow significantly when temperatures fluctuate and we all know Colorado weather is as fickle as a pickle!


So when should you replace a windshield?

If your vehicle’s windshield has a chip of about one-inch diameter or [...]

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