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In 1901 President William McKinley took a short ride in a Stanley Steamer. He was the first sitting President to utilize an automobile but certainly not the last. Automobiles soon became an integral part of presidential travel. Although Theodore Roosevelt continued to use a horse-and-buggy to protect his “image as a rough-riding horseman,” the secret service shortly began to use automobiles following behind the carriages for protection.

During President William Howard Taft’s time in office, he converted the stables into garages and purchased four automobiles for presidential use including the Pierce-Arrow pictured below.

Presidents continued to use consumer vehicles for travel until the attack on Pearl Harbor. At this point it was determined that presidential cars needed defense features such as bullet proof glass, flat proof inner tubes, and a compartment for machine guns. Up until 1961 Presidents enjoyed a lot of fresh air. Franklin D. Roosevelt especial enjoyed his convertible Lincoln which was dubbed the [...]

Pack Your Winter Survival Kit

Let’s face it. We like to think we are resourceful and able to handle the curveballs of life, but let’s be real. You are not exactly the type applying for the TV reality show Naked and Afraid. You’d rather watch it from the comfort of your living room. Besides glory and a good story, the contestants don’t even win any money!

Winter is brutal and whether the result of an accident, stall or no gas, you need to keep warm and calm. Even if you have a new or newer car, Mother Nature can always bring you back to earth with a wicked snowstorm. If you plan on traveling by car during winter, why not prepare a winter survival kit?

We’ve prepared an exhaustive list of items to keep in your car during the winter. If we’re missing anything, please let us know in the comments.

In no particular order, here [...]

Below is a list of winter ready cars noted for their high clearance and excellent handling. We utilized Edmunds and Consumer Reports for the specific ground clearance and miles per gallon. Note that all gas mileage is highway for 2016 models.

1. Subaru Outback

Is it a wagon? Or an SUV? It is so well-loved, it will be whatever you want it to be. With 8.7 inches of ground clearance, it is great for maneuvering snowy roads. New Outbacks have excellent gas mileage at 33 mpg. It’s a vehicle that has been described as “many things to many people.” According to U.S. News and World Report, it has the best-in-class cargo capacity. The only downside is that the standard engine is a little dogged, especially when heading up I-70 to the mountains.

2. Subaru XV Crosstrek

This is a great car if you don’t have to cart around a lot of stuff, including children, as [...]

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Cold Weather

In Case Old Man Winter is Not Messing Around This Year!

Do you remember where you were during the 2003 March blizzard? Back then 31.8 inches of powder stopped the mail and snarled deliveries of food and beverages (including adult ones!) While this winter may not prove to be as wily as 2003, 2010 and even 2016, prepping your car for the worst before it gets cold is never a bad idea.

A few things to check:

Windshield Wiper Fluid: Look for one containing the words “winter or winter blend.” Make sure to top off your reservoir now and even consider storing one in your car. It can be very dangerous to be without wiper fluid during a storm.

Oil change: If you’re due for an oil change, consider a lower viscosity oil for the colder months like a 5W-30. Believe it or not, that ‘W’ stands for winter.

Windshield wipers:  When selecting an item like toothpaste, a lower priced brand like Aquafresh can be just [...]

windshield repair for AutoTrek Auto Club members
Windshield Cracks and Chips – Don’t procrastinate

When you have any pre-existing windshield cracks or dings, time is of the essence when it comes to replacement. If you keep putting it off, Winter will make you regret it! Glass expands and contracts in the brutal winter months and there’s a good chance harsh wintertime conditions will exacerbate any existing damage you already have.

Any crack that is at or very near the windshield’s edge, or any chip at or near the edge that has caused the windshield to start cracking, compromises the strength and integrity of the windshield and its bonding to the surrounding metal frame. This jeopardizes the driver and passenger’s safety. Any small crack or chip will grow significantly when temperatures fluctuate and we all know Colorado weather is as fickle as a pickle!


So when should you replace a windshield?

If your vehicle’s windshield has a chip of about one-inch diameter or [...]

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